Some interesting facts about Ken:

Longest running hypnosis show in the WORLD…Official
The only hypnotist to sell out to over 1250 people every night for a summer season. Royalty Theatre, viagra Great Yarmouth 9 years.
The longest running hypnosis show in Norfolk.
The ONLY hypnotist in 20 years to completely sell out at The Royal Opera House, Scarborough 6 years

Way back in 1985 Ken Webster decided the hypnosis scene could be changed. The days of the gold medallion and goatee beard were well and truly worn and the Sgt Major, horserace and brass band sketches were no longer funny and looked really dated. Ken got his script together and burst onto the scene like a rebel without a cause. Ken was controversial, loud and funny but, successful. Many years later and Ken is still at the top, WHY??
Because he did it HIS WAY!!

Since then there have been many Ken Webster tribute acts but there is only one Ken Webster, you can spot the pale imitations a mile off. Ken has completely changed the way hypnosis has been presented in the UK. Over the years he has gained much respect from many of his peers. Ken was the first in the country to do the man talking to his privates, the hilarious male lap dancing routine and of course the classic drunken bingo caller.
Ken’s material was the first of its kind to hit the UK circuit. He was selling out major theatres up and down the country back in 1989. Even now Ken still sells out the same theatres. Ken is the original outrageous hypnotist.

His show does not contain any male or female nudity nor does it contain any simulated sex acts within its content. There are a few sicko hypnotists who do this type of show but, beware of booking them as that type of show can have many repercussions on the venue, booker and subject. Ken is outrageous but not offensive, he has never had a licence refused nor revoked.


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